Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boca Da Valeria

Boca da Valeria is a remote village at the convergence of the Amazon and the Rio da Valeria river. Approximately 75 people live in this village, but kids and adults from all the neighboring villages come when the ship docks. Judy had come up with a neat idea which really made our day. Before we left, we went through the pictures that we had taken three years ago in this little village, we selected about 20 pictures of kids and adults in the local homes and had them printed. We brought them along and went to the homes that they were taken in and again got to see some of the adults and the kids that we had taken pictures of. Only one print of three little girls that we were not able to find, that people said they had left the village. Now we took some more pictures of the same people and we are going to get them printed on ship and when we go back to the village on our return trip, we will give them those pictures. We noticed how excited they were to get the pictures because we seen no pictures hanging on the walls. We did notice that most of the homes now have electricity run by a generator where the last time we were here, only the bar, church and school had electricity. Tomorrow: Parintins, a new port for us on the Amazon.

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