Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today reminded us why we booked this trip again….SO JIM COULD CATCH A PIRANAH!!! And I did. Today we took a boat ride along the meeting of the waters and seen again how the people live along the Amazon. These people are extremely resilient, because a year ago the Amazon reached its highest levels in many years flooding most homes of people living along the mighty river. We could see on houses how high the water got making the people who make their living by fishing move in with relatives in the larger cities, but after the water receded they moved back into the house and started their fishing again. Now an amazing thing that happened to us today. Three years ago when we were here we remembered our guide being someone who called herself the flower lady because she wore live flowers in her hair. Today we were on boat number 3 out of nine boats and low and behold, she was our guide again. It was fun renewing the acquaintance with her and hearing her guide tips again. Tomorrow, we visit a small fishing village.

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