Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trinidad and St Lucia

This blog covers both Trinidad and St Lucia. We have been to Trinidad so many times that we did not bother to leave the ship, instead chose to read and Judy even got her swimming suit on and went to the pool.
In St Lucia we took a tour to the twin peaks which really set the island apart from others. The tour took us to a botanical garden, a volcano that is still spewing sulphur, a beautiful waterfall and lunch. At the volcano I chose not to take the long grinding walk up to a vantage point, it turns out that my pictures were as good as Judy’s and she had a tough time with the stairs and the steep grades. Lunch was buffet style and was just ok, some chicken, some fish, beans and bananas used as a vegetable. I think I will stick to the good taste of ripe bananas.
We got a new entertainer on board in Trinidad and she is a terrific piano player. She is billed as a female Liberace and lived up to the billing. She played everything and actually took requests during her program. She uses no music and apparently has committed over 2000 pieces of music to memory. We can’t wait to see her again.
Tomorrow we will again be in St Barths, and we are just going in and walking around a bit and probably not go to any of the beaches this time. Was too tough on the heart the last time.

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