Tuesday, February 2, 2010

St Barths

Not sure what I can say about St Barth’s except yachts, mansions, expensive stores and topless beaches. St Barth’s is the cleanest best kept island in the Caribbean that we have visited and it is French, and they are not known for that. We saw a 400 million dollar yacht that is owned by a Russian oil magnate that is named for his wife Alexandra with a very big A for its name. Most of the stores in the downtown area are in the Gucci class and the restaurants there get over 25 Euros for lunch. It’s a very expensive place, but extremely beautiful. Of course I enjoyed the topless beaches where Judy got a picture of me staring at this lady laying on the beach. There was a little girl who spoke French who was telling Judy in French to throw the shells in the water, she was a little cutie and was nude and her mother topless, any of you guys want to move to St Barths.

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