Sunday, February 7, 2010

Devils Island

Devils Island is actually made up of three islands: Royale Island, St Joseph Island and “Lies du Diablo (Devils’ Island) off the coast of French Guyana. These 3 islands were part of the notorious French penal colony in French Guyana. We were not allowed on Devils Island; instead we toured the penal facilities on Isle Royale. There are cells, administrative offices, hospital and other facilities there. They are just remnants of the original, but still interesting. We also saw lots of Monkeys, exotic birds and an animal called the “agouti” which looks like a very large rat, probably about 2 feet long. It is tough to catch a picture of, but Judy got one.
We have really been enjoying the production shows onboard. They are doing some of the same shows that we have seen before, but doing it without the big stages and sets. Because this is a small sip, the singers and dancers that do the shows also work as cruise directors, so we have met them up close and personal.
Tomorrow, the mouth of the Amazon and the adventure continues.

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