Monday, February 1, 2010

We have had another wonderful day on the Royal Princess. We have come to appreciate the small number of passengers. We spent time around the pool, with no trouble getting a recliner, and it seems like there are no lines for anything. We did attend a couple of trivia’s, but with no wins. We have decided that we are going to spend more time around the pool, getting some sun and relaxing, not running around from here to here, now this could change on the way back, but for now even Judy is enjoying the pool and reading. We had wine tasting today, of course tasting the same wines as always but we still enjoy the wine and the free glass. Tomorrow is St Bart’s, the star hangout in the Caribbean and probably the most expensive place we will visit on this trip, the place is filled with celebrities and expensive hotels. We don’t have a excursion scheduled there, but are going to walk into town and snoop around a bit. Who knows maybe we will sight some celebs. We are having a great time, and have met some fun people.

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